Hav­ing just wrapped up Thanks­giv­ing, we are now only 2 ½ weeks out from Christ­mas! While we start plan­ning the per­fect gifts for every­one spe­cial in our lives, we are also think­ing of trav­el­ing to vis­it fam­i­ly and friends. Whether you go by car, bus, or plane, trav­el­ing dur­ing the hol­i­days needs to be safe. Fol­low these tips to help you get to your hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion safe­ly this season.


Car Trav­el Safety

  • Make sure you get plen­ty of sleep the night before you trav­el. Being sleep deprived results in slow­er reac­tion times and dis­tract­ed driving.
  • Buck­le every­one up in your car—not just those in child-safe­ty seats. If you are rid­ing, you need to be buck­led in.
  • Put your phone away. That text or that phone con­ver­sa­tion can wait. If you need to com­mu­ni­cate while trav­el­ing, have your pas­sen­ger han­dle your phone.
  • Make a road­side emer­gency kit. Include essen­tials like jumper cables, phone charg­ers, flash­lights, bat­ter­ies, water, snacks, and blan­kets. Make sure your spare tire is undam­aged and you have a jack and tire iron in your vehi­cle should you need to change a tire.


Apps to Help with Hol­i­day Travel

  • Hotel Tonight—If you find your­self get­ting tired as you dri­ve, con­sid­er stop­ping and get­ting some sleep. Hotel Tonight helps you find last minute hotel open­ings near you.
  • Gas­Bud­dy—Don’t spend your time dri­ving around in unfa­mil­iar areas to find the cheap­est gas prices. Use Gas­Bud­dy to find the cheap­est gas in your imme­di­ate vicinity.
  • Waze—Most every­one knows about Waze by now. This com­mu­ni­ty-dri­ven nav­i­ga­tion tool allows you to see where slow­downs are hap­pen­ing near you as well as road debris, acci­dents, and alter­nate routes.
  • iEx­it—Try­ing to remem­ber all the food places list­ed on the high­way exit signs is hard! iEx­it gives you a list of what’s near each high­way exit from food to hotels to gas stations.
  • SitOrSquat—One of the top com­plaints of hol­i­day car trav­el is find­ing clean bath­rooms when you need them. This app rates pub­lic bath­rooms by their clean­li­ness. Brilliant!


Air Trav­el Safety

  • This goes with­out say­ing, but lis­ten to your flight atten­dants. They give valu­able infor­ma­tion to pas­sen­gers in case of an emer­gency. Pay atten­tion to the pre-flight instruc­tions includ­ing where to locate emer­gency exits.
  • Get up and walk around a lit­tle dur­ing long flights. This keeps the blood mov­ing in your legs that are prob­a­bly cramped into the tiny space between seats.
  • Skip the next drink of alco­hol. You want to be clear-head­ed in case an emer­gency hap­pens. Wait and have that glass of wine once you land and are safe­ly at your destination.
  • Put the oxy­gen mask on your­self first. If there hap­pens to be an emer­gency mid-flight, you need to first place the mask on your face and then help oth­ers around you. This ensures that you are able to clear­ly hear instruc­tions and are able to help some­one near­by who may not be able to get the mask on themselves.


Fol­low­ing these sim­ple trav­el tips will help get you to your des­ti­na­tion safe­ly this hol­i­day sea­son. Remem­ber, sur­round­ing your­self with the ones you love and val­ue is the goal. Get to those loved ones safe­ly and your hol­i­day will be memorable!