Is what’s good for share­hold­ers good for con­sumers?  The Jus­tice Depart­ment appar­ent­ly thinks so as it has approved the merg­er of Aet­na and CVS (actu­al­ly, CVS buy­ing Aet­na, which will have many senior man­age­ment leav­ing)  Crit­ics have weighed in with the expect­ed – high­er drug prices, high­er insur­ance prices, high­er out of pock­et expens­es.  It’s not clear as to how they reached their con­clu­sions, but…the bot­tom line is that it’s all part of a wave of mega merg­ers that, togeth­er, promise to trans­form a piece of the health care puz­zle.  Will be fun.