The data shows that communication is critical in helping your company achieve its employee benefit goals. As the leading Sonoma County employee benefits broker, we’re committed to helping you finetune your communications and support your employees more effectively. In this latest post, we’ll present our tips for improving communications with staff members.

Customized content drives engagement

One of the leading mistakes companies make in communicating with staff about their health benefits is that they send out boilerplate content that has little relevance to the company or the employee. Employees are used to reading corporate content and they don’t respond effectively when they receive content that hasn’t been specifically designed for their needs. So, it’s important to work with your Sonoma County employee benefits broker to manage the communication process so customized content is present to employees. For example, in a company where employee obesity is an issue, the content could be related to the issues relating to obesity and local areas in which employees could improve their health via local gyms and training facilities.

Open a discussion

Your employees also want to be involved in the conversation on health insurance. They don’t want to be told their options and to be prescribed a specific solution. They want to learn more about their industry and have a direct input in the learning process. Working with your Sonoma County employee benefits broker, you can set up meetings with key staff members to discuss their benefits and to find out more about their concerns and considerations within the health insurance marketplace. This helps give staff members a voice and mitigates issues with a backlog in communication that can stall company progress.

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