They’re not stupid, you know. They have found ways to avoid risk and make profits for a long time. Still can, apparently. Carrier critics are now up in arms (belatedly) about the new practices that are burdening those who are trying to take advantage of what President Obama promised. Over 300 patient advocacy groups recently wrote the new HHS Secretary with their concerns saying that the insurer practices “are highly discriminatory against patients with chronic health conditions and may…violate the (law’s) nondiscrimination provisions” Well, not exactly. Create a large bill and expect a lot of space within which to find loopholes, of which they took advantage. Among their concerns are difficulties consumers face in trying to get a full picture of the plans available on the exchange (true in part, but they discount the value of agents in helping people find what they need), narrowing of networks (also required because of the demands of states such as California to control costs), and cutbacks in what are considered to be preferred drugs which must be listed to be covered (no prohibition against that, so carriers “took a shot”) as well as converting some to co-insurance rather than using co-payments.