There are a num­ber of things being said, being writ­ten and being spec­u­lat­ed about the future of the Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia health care exchange, all sur­round­ing its survival…or its swooning

1) They have now burned through $1.1 bil­lion and there is no more mon­ey available
2) This mon­ey was all from fed­er­al grants which do not require any scrutiny
3) The cur­rent fee is $13.95 per employ­ee per month – how much need it increase?
4) To com­pen­sate for loss­es, they are bud­get­ing a 15% reduc­tion in spending
5) State law pro­hibits Sacra­men­to from spend­ing or get­ting any more money
6) Exec Direc­tor Peter Lee said in Decem­ber that he ques­tions “long term sustainability”
7) Enroll­ment in 2015 fell 300,000 short of their goal – growth rate was only 1%
8) AP report­ed Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia took $184 mil­lion in no bid con­tracts relat­ed to Peter Lee
9) Whistle­blow­er Peter Hill was fired after com­plain­ing about waste and cover-ups
10) YELP has 205 reviews on ser­vice for Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia – 185 were only 1 star
11) 100,000 Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia cus­tomers got wrong or no tax forms
12) How can any­one com­plain about service…when they have nowhere else to go?
13) Churn rate – one third of 2014 enrollees did not re enroll, but were replaced by the same num­ber that was lost