The “Cadil­lac Tax” is a pend­ing tax on employ­er-spon­sored health plans whose val­ue exceeds a legal lim­it (for being too rich in ben­e­fit).  The plans would be sub­ject to a 40% excise tax, levied on the insur­ance com­pa­nies, though it is expect­ed the bur­den will fall on the employ­ees. Orig­i­nal­ly, this tax was hard­ly noticed.  Once it received prop­er acknowl­edge­ment, it was not an imme­di­ate con­cern since (at the time) it was years away from going into effect.  Then the dead­line approached and they pushed it back, and law­mak­ers have since pushed it back again.  Now Con­gress has decid­ed to put the brakes on once and for all, pass­ing a repeal bill with a vote of 419 for repeal and only 6 opposed.  One prob­lem: the Sen­ate, and what it is going to do for fed­er­al dol­lars to pay back the cost of indi­vid­ual cov­er­age sub­si­dies (which is what the tax was designed to off­set in the first place).