Amid con­cerns about the num­ber of cas­es we may final­ly expect from COVID 19, not much has been said about the cost.  One esti­mate shows the charges for a hos­pi­tal­ized patient to be a nation­al aver­age of $75,000.  Cal­i­for­nia, of course, would be high­er than the nation­al aver­age and, giv­en the size of our pop­u­la­tion, would have high­er than the nation­al aver­age num­ber of COVID cas­es.  Now comes an esti­mate from Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia that they expect to see a 40% increase in pre­mi­ums due to the total cost of the pan­dem­ic.  That may over­state the case, and there is, of course, blend­ing, but let’s say that the pan­dem­ic will have a pric­ing impact.