arrowBerkeley has officially amended its minimum wage law and codified a new law concerning hospitality service charges along with a Paid Sick Leave law that takes effect October 1, 2017.

1)    All employers with a Berkeley business license are subject to the law
2)    Different standards will apply to a small business with fewer than 25 employees
3)    Applies to all employees who work at least 2 hours a week within Berkeley city limits
4)    Collective Bargaining Agreements may supersede the sick pay rule
5)    If employer already has a similar law including accrual they are not subject to new law
6)    Covered employees can use accrued leave 90 days after employment begins
7)    Each qualifying employee is entitled to one sick leave hour for every 30 hours worked
8)    Employees are allowed to accumulate 72 hours a year – small businesses only 48
9)    Allowed for physical or mental illness or injury, obtaining diagnosis or treatment, getting a physical exam, or to care for a sick family member

Employers must conspicuously post at any workplace or job site a city created notice informing employees of their paid sick leave rights.  Employers must keep employee payroll records for a period of four years that identify hours worked, wages paid and paid sick leave accrued.

This law may be changed when Berkeley voters go to the polls, but…