Petaluma, California, December 21, 2018: Arrow Benefits Group has joined hands with MORE Health to provide a unique opportunity to the clients of Arrow Benefits Group. Clients enrolled in Arrow Group medical plans will now have access to expert second opinion when taking an important decision regarding a serious illness. MORE Health will connect the client’s physicians to one of their physician specialists. Together, both the experts will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that ticks all the right boxes for the person.

The collaboration is expected to achieve operational synergies that will help serve clients better. The partnership will help hundreds of patients suffering from critical illnesses. Employees of client firms will have access to renowned medical experts, which will help them make informed decisions, and save time.

MORE Health does more than just offering a second opinion. The physician specialists of the provider collaborate with the doctor of the client to decide the most effective treatment plan for the person. This helps the client ensure that they are receiving the best possible medical attention, and do not have to sort through different treating strategies.

When hiring physician specialists, MORE Health considers various parameters such as the institutional associations of the experts, their experience, expertise, research, ability to establish a comprehensive diagnosis, and attitude towards patients. MORE Health claims to be a customer centric company and guarantees service delivery within five business days after receiving the medical records of the patient.

Arrow Benefits Group is an expert benefits administrator. The North Bay-based provider is a partner firm of United Benefit Advisors, one of the most renowned and largest benefits consulting and brokerage firms in the U.S. The provider caters to clients from different industries. The clientele of the company includes both local firms and MNCs. The provider serves these global firms through 200 plus UBA offices scattered around the UK and North America.

Arrow Benefits Group is the third largest benefits consultant San Francisco County. Over the years, the provider has designed custom benefits plans for a number of client firms. The focus of these plans is to help employees’ control costs and promote an overall sense of financial well-being.