The Supreme Court has once again found that retiree ben­e­fits are not vest­ed.  So the employ­er can promise but…     Actu­al­ly, the Court sim­ply clar­i­fied the need for clar­i­ty.  In the absence of spe­cif­ic lan­guage that vests retiree health ben­e­fits, the retirees may no longer assume that silence or ambi­gu­i­ty allows a life­time con­tract.  Instead, the con­tract itself must state the case.  Seems sim­ple, but this has been kick­ing around, even though the Supreme Court said the same thing in 2015.  Now it will show the unions that what they want needs to be nego­ti­at­ed and then put in writ­ing (we will call this the “com­mon sense” doctrine)