One of the con­cerns about the fate of Oba­macare is how it can sur­vive with­out the indi­vid­ual man­date requir­ing Amer­i­cans to enroll in an ade­quate health plan.  Car­ri­ers demand­ed it as the price for their sup­port, since a lack of a man­date would cre­ate con­sid­er­able “adverse selec­tion” and thus high­er poten­tial costs of cov­er­age.  So now Cal­i­for­nia (along with only New Jer­sey and Wash­ing­ton DC) will sim­ply leap over the recent Fed­er­al deci­sion to let things slide on the man­date and impose one of its own:

  1. Penal­ties will be the same as under the ACA with the unin­sured owing either $695 per year or 2.5% of their house­hold income, whichev­er is greater.
  2. Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly the state will dras­ti­cal­ly increase the num­ber of peo­ple eli­gi­ble forA­CA sub­si­dies which have been expand­ed to SIX times the fed­er­al pover­ty lim­it ($75,000 for an indi­vid­ual and $154,500 for a fam­i­ly).  The cur­rent lim­it is FOUR times.