Loss of wages can hit a family where it hurts the most. Every year, several people sustain injuries that impacts their ability to work, and results in loss of wages. To support people with injuries or those who are very ill and cannot work, some states offer State Disability Insurance. The program was established to help people who cannot work due to nonjob-related injuries, pregnancy, childbirth, or illnesses. The focus of the program is to substitute a part of the beneficiary’s salary. Some states such as Rhode Island, California, and New Jersey even offer paid family leaves to employees. To help understand State Disability Insurance better, we look at a few facts related to it.

Payment Amount

The payment amount is calculated based on the beneficiary’s income during the quarter of the base period in which they had the highest income. Typically, the amount paid is in the range of 60-70 percent of the person’s regular income. The maximum amount that a person can receive is $1,216 per week. The total amount that the beneficiary receives may not exceed the income earned during the base period.


● The person has been unable to perform their job-related responsibilities for at least eight consecutive days.
● The loss of wages should be because of their disability.
● The person must be employed; or actively looking for work, if unemployed during the payment period.
● The beneficiary must have earned at least $300 in a quarter of their base period.
● The person must have started consulting a licensed physician within eight days of the injury.

People claiming benefits under the program must get a certificate detailing the nature and intensity of the disability from a certified physician or surgeon. In some cases, authorities may ask the person to undergo independent medical examinations.

Time Limit

Individuals claiming benefits under the program must file their claim within 41 days of the date their injury occurred impacting their ability to work or looking for a job. Late applications can be accepted if the person misunderstood something or was late to realize that they qualify for Disability Insurance.

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