As we begin our new year of 2019, we have also closed 2018 with lots of cel­e­bra­tions, gift-giv­ing, and fam­i­ly time. Show­ing appre­ci­a­tion for oth­ers dur­ing this gen­er­ous sea­son comes sec­ond nature for some but for oth­ers, it doesn’t.  You may be look­ing for ideas on how to express your grat­i­tude effec­tive­ly to those around you and so we’ve com­piled a list of five unique ways to say “thank you” to someone.


Receiv­ing a hand­writ­ten note is a rare occur­rence in this day. Speak­ing or email­ing a thank you is more com­mon and does effec­tive­ly com­mu­ni­cate the grat­i­tude of the sender. How­ev­er, the spir­it of grate­ful­ness that is com­mu­ni­cat­ed by sit­ting down and tak­ing pen to paper to express your thank­ful­ness for the act or gift received, is a bonus to the note receiv­er. Take the extra time to write out that thank you.


In a day and age of emails and texts and social media, we rarely get phone calls from peo­ple who aren’t ask­ing for something—billing issues, appoint­ment reminders, robo-calls.  Even if the per­son on the oth­er end of the call doesn’t pick up, leave that voice­mail telling them thank you for their thought­ful­ness for the gift you received. Be spe­cif­ic and men­tion the gift by name and what it meant to receive it. That phone call may be the bright­est part of their day!


We spend more time scrolling through social media than we do hav­ing face-to-face con­tact with peo­ple. Instead of get­ting caught up in a heat­ed debate on NextDoor, take a few min­utes to write on a friend’s wall to tell them thank you. It’s refresh­ing to see grat­i­tude on dis­play instead of inci­vil­i­ty. And it’s always nice to see your friends get noticed for kindness!


The look of sur­prise on someone’s face is some­times the great­est thank you that you can receive! The age old say­ing of “your face says it all” is true. When you open that gift and you can tell that the giv­er spent time think­ing of the per­fect thing to give you, look up and give them the thank you of a smile!


Were you bowled over by the thought­ful­ness of a gift or act? A beau­ti­ful way to show your grate­ful­ness is to pay it for­ward. Buy the cof­fee of the per­son behind you in line. Say three nice things to strangers on the way in to your office. Tell your child a char­ac­ter qual­i­ty you see in them that is fab­u­lous. While this act of grat­i­tude may mean that the orig­i­nal giv­er nev­er knows about the rip­ple effect of their gift, you will, and hope­ful­ly that rip­ple is car­ried on and on and on.

These acts of grat­i­tude are sim­ple, effec­tive, and most of all, mean­ing­ful. Take the time to say thank you!