There’s no deny­ing that sum­mer has arrived. In fact, the news has been abuzz with Alaska’s heat wave in July that sent tem­per­a­tures soar­ing between 20 and 30 degrees above aver­age. When you are caught in the mid­dle of a heat wave, it may seem like there’s noth­ing you can do to keep cool. But, there are ways for you to beat the heat this sum­mer and stay safe from heat relat­ed illnesses.


Avoid the Heat

It may seem like a no-brain­er to avoid the heat to pre­vent a heat relat­ed ill­ness but some pro­fes­sions work sole­ly out­doors. In those cas­es, there aren’t many options for avoid­ing the heat.  Be aware of the hottest time of day and lim­it phys­i­cal activ­i­ty out­side dur­ing that time.

Reduce Activ­i­ty Levels

Plan the most active job of the day to be in the morn­ing when the sun and heat aren’t as intense. Heat­stroke can occur when a per­son engages in stren­u­ous activ­i­ty for long peri­ods of time in the heat. If pos­si­ble, arrange work­flows to include times of rest and times to vis­it a cool­ing station.

Drink Flu­ids Regularly

The under­ly­ing fac­tor in most heat relat­ed ill­ness is the inad­e­quate sup­ply of flu­ids for your body, in oth­er words, drink more water! Heavy sweat­ing depletes a person’s body of flu­id and salt and this in turn can cause heat cramps and heat exhaus­tion. If this occurs, drink cool water or an elec­trolyte-replace­ment bev­er­age like Gatorade. To pre­vent these two ill­ness­es, drink plen­ty of water before you know you will be out­side in the heat so that your body has suf­fi­cient flu­ids in reserve.

Have a Bud­dy System

When you know you will work­ing out­side or even play­ing out­side in the heat of the day, make sure you have some­one with you. If you should expe­ri­ence a heat relat­ed ill­ness while alone, there would be no one avail­able to offer first aid or call for help. As in the case of heat­stroke, con­fu­sion and weak­ness along with faint­ing and pos­si­bly con­vul­sions could occur. These are all series symp­toms and require imme­di­ate action for treat­ment. The bud­dy sys­tem gives you a safe­ty net of some­one else who can rec­og­nize these symp­toms and can act to save them.

Take a Dip!

The best way to beat the heat is by cool­ing off your body. Not every­one has access to a pool when spend­ing time out­side in the heat so if that’s the case, use cold com­press­es or ice and ice packs to low­er body tem­per­a­ture. You can also remove excess cloth­ing and spray your body with cool water. If you do have some­one with you and you are expe­ri­enc­ing a heat relat­ed ill­ness, make sure they are watch­ing you if you jump into a pool.


By fol­low­ing these easy tips to beat the heat you can safe­ly be out­side when tem­per­a­tures are at their peak. Enjoy your sum­mer and stay cool!