You need to look beyond traditional strategies in order to win over your employees. While there is no denial in the fact that employees expect their employers to be a good paymaster and their offerings of fat pay package, it’s not enough to keep them happy. When it comes to solving employee engagement conundrums, employee benefits can be the final piece in the puzzle. You need an expert by your side to design and implement a business-specific benefits strategy. While looking for a consultant, steer away from self-proclaimed experts. Make sure they are worth your consideration before signing the contract agreement with your benefits broker in San Francisco County. How can you achieve this objective? By asking your consultant the questions we have listed below. Let’s have a look at each.

1. What Services do you Offer?
Before signing the contract with your benefit consultant, ensure to enquire about the scope and nature of services they offer. Some benefit brokers in San Francisco County help their clients with just designing and implementing a health insurance plan as compared to others who offer a range of services that can help their clients link the business with workman’s compensation and insurance needs. At Arrow Benefits Group, we constantly endeavour to help our clients save more. We don’t just help our clients build up an authentic benefit plan, but also offer a range of complementary HR, administration, compliance, and risk management services.

2. Have you Ever Faced Regulatory Issues?
When you meet your consultant, be sure to ask them whether they have ever been sued by a client or had a brush with regulatory authorities in the past. Call your state insurance commissioner’s office to check consultant’s record. You may also look for online reviews to cross check the professional’s claims.

3. How will you Communicate Benefit Details to Employees?
Communicating benefit details to your employees within time is necessary to help them make full use of the package. Your benefit consultant must be adept at creating communicating channels for conversation with your employees. Enquire about the communication tools they use. If you are already facing any specific communication issues then ask whether your consultant can come up with a plan to address the problem at hand.

4. Are you an Independent Broker or a Captive Agent?
Independent brokers sell solutions by multiple businesses and can offer you a wide array of options. On the other hand, captive agents are associated with a single company. These professionals have access to specific markets such as workman’s compensation insurance for selective businesses. They are also more capable of responding to a plan change demand in a timely manner.

Before hiring a benefit broker do not forget to ask them these questions. Ensure they are the right fit for your business and analyze their answers. Irrespective of your specific needs, we at Arrow Benefits Group are confident about coming up with a solution that addresses all your pain points. Talk to our experts at 707-992-3780.