With every pass­ing year, fierce com­pe­ti­tion has been grow­ing among dif­fer­ent busi­ness­es in the mar­ket. From here on, the tus­sle will only get fierce among employ­ers to hire and retain the best resources grow­ing in the mar­ket. A fat pay pack­age is no longer enough to retain your employ­ees. To score a point above your rivals, you need to think one step ahead of them and come up with employ­ee ben­e­fits that real­ly mat­ter. At Arrow Ben­e­fits Group, we help you achieve your goal. As a rep­utable employ­ee ben­e­fits ser­vice com­pa­ny in Sono­ma Coun­ty, we con­sid­er com­ing up with cus­tom ben­e­fit plans for our clients, with a per­son­al promise, and more than just a pro­fes­sion­al com­mit­ment. As 2019 approach­es, there are con­cerns you must be aware of in order to stand out from the crowd of recruiters that will help you attract and retain the best tal­ent. To help you stay on top of your game, we offer a list of some ben­e­fits trend that will be game chang­ers in 2019.

1.More Orga­ni­za­tions to come up with Stu­dent Loan Assis­tance Programs
Around 44 mil­lion Amer­i­cans own a col­lec­tive stu­dent loan debt of more than $1 tril­lion. Stu­dent loan is a big con­cern for young employ­ees with lim­it­ed earn­ings. Employ­ees with stu­dent loans appre­ci­ate their employer’s effort to part­ner with them on their jour­ney to debt-free life. In the U.S., cur­rent­ly just four per­cent of com­pa­nies have a stu­dent loan assis­tance pro­gram. This num­ber is like­ly to increase as employ­ees become more demanding.

2.Organizations will Spend More on Med­ical Insurance
Med­ical insur­ance con­tin­ues to be one of the most sought-after employ­ee ben­e­fits. Orga­ni­za­tions cov­er up to 70 per­cent of their employ­ees’ insur­ance costs in order to ensure ris­ing health­care costs does not give their employ­ees sleep­less nights. In 2019, it is esti­mat­ed that the cost of health insur­ance will rise by 5 per­cent. Employ­ers will spend around $15,000 to cov­er every employ­ee. It is also expect­ed that orga­ni­za­tions will offer vir­tu­al health­care solutions.

3.More Orga­ni­za­tions to come up with Work­place Well­ness Programs
More employ­ers are com­ing up with inno­v­a­tive work­place well­ness pro­grams as the link between employ­ee health and their work­place becomes more evi­dent. These pro­grams can help to low­er employ­ee health­care costs by up to 80 per­cent. You can show your employ­ees that you care by com­ing up with inno­v­a­tive well­ness ideas such as pro­vid­ing healthy snacks in office, con­duct­ing pet ther­a­py and med­i­ta­tion ses­sions (for stress reduc­tion), and launch­ing group fit­ness challenges.

When it comes to devel­op­ing an employ­ee ben­e­fits plan, a one-size-fits-all approach falls flat. While offer­ing health­care assis­tance to their employ­ees or allow­ing more sick leaves helps most orga­ni­za­tions to attract and retain tal­ent, how­ev­er, these mea­sures may fail to deliv­er results in your case. No one under­stands this bet­ter than Arrow Ben­e­fits Group. Con­tact us at 707–992-3780 to learn more about our employ­ee ben­e­fits service.