As experts in COBRA admin­is­tra­tion here in Cal­i­for­nia, we believe clients are gen­er­al­ly bet­ter served by us han­dling their COBRA duties rather than using nation­al COBRA out­sourc­ing com­pa­nies. We have writ­ten our own man­u­als and updates, taught COBRA class­es, and have run a com­pre­hen­sive sys­tem of notice, receipt, and billing for over 20 years. Much of what we believe con­sti­tutes prop­er COBRA admin­is­tra­tion is the result of the inter­ac­tion of fed­er­al and state laws, car­ri­er rules, client pro­ce­dures, and the vary­ing issues that relate to each COBRA mem­ber. In con­trast, the “hard and fast” rules of nation­al COBRA admin­is­tra­tors often do not work well in Cal­i­for­nia with its many state laws, domes­tic part­ners issues, health plan inter­pre­ta­tions of COBRA, etc.

Our COBRA ser­vices are cus­tomized to our clients’ needs but gen­er­al­ly include:

  • Qual­i­fy­ing Event Letters
  • Gen­er­al Ini­tial Notices
  • Month­ly Pre­mi­um Tracking
  • COBRA Enrollments/Terminations
  • Month­ly COBRA Reports (upon request)
  • Pro­vid­ed COBRA Enroll­ment Materials
  • Pro­vid­ed Con­sult­ing Ser­vices on COBRA Issues
  • Open Enroll­ment Notices and Materials
  • Issuance of HIPP Notice, Con­ver­sion Notice, etc.

COBRA is not only com­plex, but the lev­els of com­pli­ance grow more deeply in California—sometimes escap­ing even the seem­ing­ly broad reach of nation­al admin­is­tra­tors. Use Arrow Ben­e­fits Group for COBRA and ensure your com­pa­ny does­n’t miss a step.