As experts in COBRA administration here in California, we believe clients are generally better served by us handling their COBRA duties rather than using national COBRA outsourcing companies. We have written our own manuals and updates, taught COBRA classes, and have run a comprehensive system of notice, receipt, and billing for over 20 years. Much of what we believe constitutes proper COBRA administration is the result of the interaction of federal and state laws, carrier rules, client procedures, and the varying issues that relate to each COBRA member. In contrast, the “hard and fast” rules of national COBRA administrators often do not work well in California with its many state laws, domestic partners issues, health plan interpretations of COBRA, etc.

Our COBRA services are customized to our clients’ needs but generally include:

  • Qualifying Event Letters
  • General Initial Notices
  • Monthly Premium Tracking
  • COBRA Enrollments/Terminations
  • Monthly COBRA Reports (upon request)
  • Provided COBRA Enrollment Materials
  • Provided Consulting Services on COBRA Issues
  • Open Enrollment Notices and Materials
  • Issuance of HIPP Notice, Conversion Notice, etc.

COBRA is not only complex, but the levels of compliance grow more deeply in California—sometimes escaping even the seemingly broad reach of national administrators. Use Arrow Benefits Group for COBRA and ensure your company doesn’t miss a step.