No company wants to pay more for insurance than it has to, but all too often the solutions presented do not represent the full range of opportunities. Arrow Benefits Group provides a detailed review of options ranging from a complete, fully-insured insurance solution to partial, self-insurance, or even total self-insurance. The differences might be significant, and it’s not possible to know which option makes the most sense until you understand the alternatives. Simply selecting a fully insured plan from a spreadsheet of insurance company proposals is not necessarily the answer and is certainly not a methodology that should be accepted blindly. Are you large enough to support an on-site medical clinic? Do you have national resources to get your firm up and running in an emergency (not just insurance to pay for an unknown solution)? Is your commercial insurance properly allied with your employee benefit plans, thereby affording you the maximum opportunity for savings? Does a possible undue concern about HIPAA privacy prevent you from taking on important initiatives about the health of your employees? These are the kind of questions that need to be asked in a thorough Risk Management review.