April 2019

Andrew McNeil & Rosario Avila have just been awarded & interviewed by Employee Benefit News for their innovation in benefits technology.

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NorthBayBiz Magazine – May 2019

Leading the Way
by Bo Kearns

Rosario Avila & Andrew McNeil interviewed for a feature in NBB Magazine:

“In the wine, construction and manufacturing industries with a high percentage of Latino workers, there’s often cultural stigma surrounding mental health, especially in group workplace settings,” said Rosario Avila, benefits advisor, Alianza Spanish Language Division. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. “Though HIPPA ensures employee confidentiality, some Spanish-speaking employees worry about filing claims. They’re afraid their employer might find out.” For employees with those concerns, Arrow offers a hotline where Spanish speakers can call with questions.

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Employee Benefit Advisor – October 2019

The power of two: Advisers of the Year drive innovation at their brokerage and beyond
by Caroline Hroncich

On the cover of October’s Employee Benefit Advisor Magazine

A new article and interview with award-winning Arrow advisors Andrew McNeil and Rosario Avila about their groundbreaking collaborative work together – changing the way they approach and work with clients.

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NorthBayBiz Magazine – October 2019

Targeting the Future
by Stephanie Derammelaere

“Being informed won’t help you design a competitive benefit program. Being advised will.” That’s the mission of Arrow Benefits Group, a rapidly growing employee benefits consulting firm that has won multiple awards and become a thought leader in the industry. More importantly, it helps employers and employees navigate the world of company benefits with a flexible approach.

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Benefits Influencer – January 2020

Benefits Influencer Podcast
Community over Competition: Brokers are Better Together w/ Andrew McNeil & Rosario Avila.

In this episode, Senior Benefits Advisors who recently won EBA’s Advisor of the Year, the first duo to receive the distinction,  discuss how industry collaboration goes well beyond the walls of their agency. Andrew and Rosario candidly share some of the innovations that have helped grow Arrow Benefits.

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North Bay Business Journal – July 2016

Disability insurance protects a workers most important asset

By Principal, Andrew McNeil

When people think of employee benefits, the first thing they usually think of is health insurance because it protects them and their family from exorbitant medical bills which could deplete their family’s nest egg and possibly force them into bankruptcy. Read article here…

NorthBayBiz Magazine – July 2016

Promote Employee Strengths: Ask What They Want

By Principal, Mariah Shields

Many look at developing employees from an HR perspective: an employee is doing well, their manager lets HR know and together they create a new job description with increased functions, develop a promotional level, clear a payroll increase with finance and then let the employee know. But in that process, you’ve overlooked two game-changing ideas.  Read article here…

September 2016

This Employee Benefit Advisor interview from September 2016 discusses our unique Umbrella partnership program that gives a lifeline to small CA brokerages – the interview is with founding partners Keith McNeil & Jordan Shields. The program is a comprehensive system for handling renewals and realistic succession plans for owners, their employees and clients and has expanded ABG’s reach and client base across California.

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October 2016

This Employee Benefit Advisor article from October 2016 examines workplace culture as a needed new benefit. EBA interviews Andrew McNeil, Principal about the new movement to gain and retain quality team members in an environment that they want to see, a caring workplace culture.

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North Bay Business Journal – October 2016

Casual dress becomes the workplace norm – an interview with Keith and Andrew McNeil

We may have Mark Zuckerberg to thank for bringing the hoodie into the workplace, but less formal attire has been creeping past casual Friday to include the rest of the week in even the most formal of offices. According to new research, 50 percent of senior managers said employees wear less formal clothing than they did five years ago. Keith McNeil is a partner at Arrow Benefits, an insurance office in Petaluma with about 30 employees. After 30 years of wearing a suit, he quit wearing one every day two years ago. Read article here…