NorthBayBiz Magazine – September 14, 2022

New Leadership Roles: Can You Adapt?
Article by Mariah Shields, ABG Benefits Consultant

Coping with the current business climate takes imagination, innovation and no fear of change. These days, when teams don’t have the benefit of being physically together in an office, where mentorship, training and camaraderie would traditionally happen more naturally, it falls on company leaders to establish a more evolved company culture and create meaningful connections between co-workers.

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North Bay Business Journal – August 2022

Not changing from pre-pandemic times can lose you workers
By North Bay Business Journal columnists Rosario Avila & Andrew McNeil
Companies that have not listened to their employees (or former employees) have been losing people at an alarming rate and, at the same time, have not been able to attract new members to replace the ones they have lost.

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NorthBayBiz Magazine – May 2022

Making Space for Me-Time
by Emily Hodges Wallace

In a Zoom call with a group of professional women last week, one of the participants said, “I need to make space for me.” All the women nodded their heads in resounding agreement. As we enter COVID year No. 3, we have been asked to: “get used to the new normal,” “roll with this crisis” and “face this new challenge.” This burden has disproportionately fallen hard on workplace leaders, especially many women.

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North Bay Business Journal – March 2022

Why employee mental health is your concern
By Andrew McNeil and Rosario Avila
According to Glassdoor, “More than four in 10 working adults (44%) say their current job has an impact on their overall health, and 43% report their job has a negative impact on their levels of stress” — and that was in 2018, before COVID-19!

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NorthBayBiz Magazine – August 2022

Health Benefits and Custom-Designed Plans
by Matthew Sohn

A common conversation I have with both employers and employees sounds something like this: “Health insurance is too expensive. The coverage doesn’t fit. I want the best plan you have available, at the best price. There is a gap between what most people want out of health coverage and understanding how it all comes together. There are solutions.

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North Bay Business Journal – December 2021

Think returning to a pre-pandemic work structure is the answer? Big mistake
By Andrew McNeil & Rosario Avila
The most recent fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is the struggle to keep and maintain our workforce. Businesses everywhere are closing their doors due to an inability to hire and retain people. This includes local popular restaurants like Crêperie Chez Solange in Larkfield, Bistro 29 in Santa Rosa, and many others that became severely stressed by this situation. Unfortunately, many of our clients are facing the same dilemma. What can an employer do to get out in front of these challenges?

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NorthBayBiz Magazine – December 2021

Growth: Now is the Time to Be Bold
by Joe Genovese

Multiple studies indicate that the U.S. economy is going to experience a strong recovery as we rise out of the pandemic. In a new article, titled “The New Face of Growth in 2021” by Frank Sorrentino, chairman and CEO of ConnectOne Bank, wrote, “Looking ahead, businesses will have to plan for future growth in a much different way than they were accustomed to…one of the biggest trends emerging from the last year has been consolidation.” I couldn’t agree more: The business landscape has indeed changed forever, and now it’s up to us all to adapt and shift.

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NorthBayBiz Magazine – January 2022

“A Night in Tuscany” and the North Coast Wine Industry Expo Gallery

“A Night in Tuscany,” hosted by Arrow Benefits Group at its 33rd annual event in November for the North Bay Children’s Center, raised more than $420,000. About 160 guests visited the Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma to enjoy fine wines and tasty treats. Senator Mike McGuire served as emcee and auctioneer. [Photos by Stuart Lirette]

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North Bay Business Journal – September 2021

Petaluma’s Arrow Benefits buys Sebastopol insurance benefits firm Aita and Associates
The North Bay Business Journal
By Susan Wood
Arrow Benefits CEO Joe Genovese told the Business Journal that Aita and Associates served as an ideal fit with Arrow, with its 1,500 clients and 40 employees. He also liked how Aita offered similar employee benefits, a crucial component to retaining and attracting good talent in the age of a coronavirus-spawned labor shortage.

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North Bay Business Journal – December 30 2021

Sonoma County-based Arrow Benefits Group receives a North Bay GIVES award
Interview with CEO & Managing Principal Joe Genovese

We keep our eyes and ears open to all nonprofits because we believe that they are essential part of this community. We know we can’t give to everyone, but our team members have become a resource to bring attention to organizations that need help. We communicate with our people to find out who they want to support and are inspired by their passions for these organizations to assist them.

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