How will Health­care Reform affect your busi­ness, your employ­ees, and what will you need to do to pre­pare and comply?

The goal of the Health Reform Acts (now col­lec­tive­ly called the Afford­able Care Act, and passed on March 23, 2010) is to have almost all US cit­i­zens and legal immi­grants cov­ered by health insur­ance (Uni­ver­sal Health Cov­er­age Man­date). Indi­vid­u­als who are not cov­ered by Medicare or Med­ic­aid will be required to obtain health cov­er­age or pay penal­ties, unless exempt from the man­date, through pri­vate insur­ance com­pa­nies or through state-run exchanges. So, how does this affect your employ­ers? Click here to see a sum­ma­ry of what the new law means for you, the employer.