Model Notice

Part of health­care reform admin­is­tra­tion is the prop­er noti­fi­ca­tion of spec­i­fied changes. This review looks only at those pro­vi­sions where the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment has issued a Mod­el Notice. It does not include the com­mu­ni­ca­tion require­ments under the health­care reform leg­is­la­tion, such as the 60-day advance notice require­ment or the lan­guage on how the med­ical plans must be described, where no Mod­el Notice or lan­guage has been issued and which have dif­fer­ent timeta­bles (i.e., the Sum­ma­ry of Ben­e­fits and Cov­er­age). Click here *

Dependents to Age 26

Among the first reg­u­la­tions includ­ed in the Health Care Reform Act is the require­ment that the depen­dents up to age 26 be allowed for inclu­sion in an employee’s med­ical plan. Car­ri­er def­i­n­i­tions typ­i­cal­ly allowed depen­dent chil­dren to be cov­ered to age 19 and then to age 23 (some were 24 and 25) if they were a full time stu­dent main­tain­ing 12 cred­it per semes­ter. The new rules do no only extend the age, but expand the def­i­n­i­tion. Click here *

Tax Credits

The 2010 fed­er­al health­care reform leg­is­la­tion includ­ed a tax cred­it for small busi­ness for pay­ing 50% or more for employ­ee cov­er­age of health insur­ance, sub­ject to many pro­vi­sions. With the excep­tion of tax-exempt enti­ties, new tax cred­it may only be used to off­set fed­er­al income tax­es paid by the small employ­er, but a car­ry­over of the cred­it into future tax years is allow­able. Tax-exempt enti­ties may use the cred­it to off­set pay­roll tax­es of their employ­ees. That is explained here. Click here *

W‑2 Tracking

Employ­ers are required to dis­close the aggre­gate cost of “applic­a­ble employ­er pro­vid­ed cov­er­age” begin­ning with the 2012 tax year- or with 2013 for an employ­er that filed few­er than 250 W‑2s in the pri­or cal­en­dar year (option­al before then). That might be delayed if the final fed­er­al lan­guage is not ready by then. (Self-fund­ed plans for employ­ers that do not come under fed­er­al COBRA laws, such as a church group, are exempt­ed. That exemp­tion does not apply to employ­ers that sim­ply have 2–19 employ­ees.) Click here *

Impact Study

The Health Care Reform Impact Study pro­vides a timetable for employ­ers as to when new laws and pro­vi­sions will go into effect. Con­tact Arrow Ben­e­fits Group to obtain your firm’s own Impact Study.


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