The United States economy and business is increasing interlinked with the economies and companies around the globe, and that reality often places burdens on U.S. employers that employ workers in other countries or have employees coming to the U.S. or traveling to foreign countries. How does one insure them? What are the local requirements in Germany, China, India, or any of the other countries around the globe? What insurance is needed when a U.S. executives travels abroad? Is repatriation insurance in place? Will the current health plan’s emergency coverage out of the country suffice? What health and other benefits should be provided to employees working Mexico, the U.K., Argentina or any of the other countries around the globe?  We offer several solutions:

Global broker

So many questions arise when considering insurance and benefit programs for employees around the world. We can help.

Our office in the U.K. is one of the founders of  Worldwide Employee Benefits (WEB), which represents “benefits without borders.” WEB has developed global software by listening and responding to its clients’ request for a single source solution for international Employee Benefits.

WEB has a powerful platform that has been designed to allow companies to manage their programs, whether a small localized company or a multinational organization with complex requirements.

WEB enables HR to manage from a single desktop all of their employee benefit programs throughout the world. It understands that each client is unique and has therefore designed an international program to provide a custom-based solution.