Building a cost-effective benefit program is fundamental. Communicating the value is essential.

Effective communications help employees appreciate the value of their benefits – keeping them motivated, productive and energized. Many successful employers offer substantial employee benefit programs, but are often frustrated by how little value their employees see in them.

As benefit plans become increasingly complex and plan administrators assume a broader range of responsibilities, effectively communicating the value of a benefit program also presents a continuing challenge. Regardless of how good a benefit program may be, if participants don’t understand their benefits or recognize their worth, they will not use their benefits to their maximum advantage, thus yielding a lesser return on your investment.

To prevent this trend from affecting your employees, Arrow Benefits Group offers various proven methods of communication and education including:

    • Employee Benefit Newsletters


    • Benefit and Open Enrollment Guides


    • Access to an Employee Benefits Video Library


    • Benefits Guides


    • Employee Resource Centers


    • Total Compensation Statements


Implementing a customized communications program will help build employee trust, understanding and loyalty.