A Blueprint for Change

We start with structure, the ABCs of constructing a proper plan:

  • Architect:

    translating your goals, dreams and aspirations into a workable, tangible vision

  • Builder:

    creating the edifice within which those objectives may be planted and grow

  • Contractor:

    integrate the final structure with the help of internal and external resources

You are wondering what this has to do with the price of health insurance. Nothing, actually. We consult with our clients to go beyond price and deal with underlying costs – and value. Just as you work with your clients to show them the quality of the work you do, to create a sense of appreciation and understanding, all to reinforce your worth, we do the same for you in working with the various paths your company and your employees face, including:

  • Administration:

    simplifying the processes followed for plan conduct

  • Benefit Design:

    what’s best for you, what’s best for them, and how to leverage the difference

  • Compliance:

    now that you have a plan in place…what does the government require?

All these are factors in the total cost of your program, both internally and externally. But we go further, to ensure that the value of the plans you offer is both meaningful and appreciated:

  • Accountability:

    your employees require and demand personal support – we supply it

  • Brokerage:

    coordinating the resources and programs to meet demand and demands

  • Communication:

    helping employees understand the value of what they need and why

We are a full service employee benefits firm and a registered Third Party Administrator with HR and compliance capabilities.