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What Should My Company Consider When Selecting Benefit Brokers in Napa County?

May 25, 2018

More and more businesses are turning to benefit brokers in Napa County to provide their employee benefits programs and sometimes manage them as well.  For companies, particularly smaller businesses, this… Read more »

The Surprising Ways a Napa County Benefits Consultant Can Help Your Business

May 22, 2018

Beyond their expertise in the insurance marketplace, and their understanding of complex coverage needs, your Napa County benefits consultant can help support your organization in various other important business areas…. Read more »

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SIE has a team of top professionals in underwriting, actuarial work, stop-loss procurement, subrogation, population health management, claims reporting, data analytics, etc. We believe there is no better self-funding team in the country for employers in the mid-market employee range (100-5,000 employees). United Benefit Advisors, which sponsors SIE, is a member of the Self Insurance Institute of America (SIIA).

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