In 1965, after passage of the national Medicare Act, health care expenses increased dramatically, as pent up demand among seniors was slaked and they began to use services that were previously denied them due to inability to afford. The same was anticipated to happen with the Affordable Care Act. Despite the increase in the “insured pool” the problem was that those joining the pool were those who had delayed medical care. Early reports show this is the case, as several sources have reported skyrocketing costs in the health care industry. The good news is that this helps the economy…but at what cost, as these charges will come back to the carriers that sponsor coverage, and thus to the companies and consumers who pay premiums. The Washington Examiner expressed its alarm by saying the acceleration comes after years of “Obama and his allies…crediting a showdown in the rate of growth for health care to payment reforms imposed by the law” Yes that was true in the beginning, but now we are seeing the true expansion…and the true costs. As reported in the Huffington Post (admittedly not the most unbiased of reportage) “Who could have predicted that a recovering economy, higher incomes and a rise in the number of people with health coverage brought about by Obamacare would increase how much Americans are spending on medical care? Well, pretty much anyone”