Ben­e­fits bro­kers are now tasked with guid­ing com­pa­nies on their poten­tial ben­e­fit options and work­ing with employ­ees to deter­mine the qual­i­ty of the options avail­able. But the role of Napa Coun­ty employ­ee ben­e­fits bro­ker has evolved con­sid­er­ably over time. And in this lat­est post, we’ll look more into how the role has evolved, from decades ago to the cur­rent industry.

The Role in the Past

In past decade, the role of a Napa Coun­ty employ­ee ben­e­fits bro­ker looked very dif­fer­ent to how it looks now. The impor­tant ele­ment to note is that there were many more bro­kers in the past, with more options for com­pa­nies to select from. The pri­ma­ry roles of the bro­ker at the time included:

  • Con­sult­ing on issues relat­ed to HIPAA, COBRA and the FSA.
  • Act­ing on insur­ance trans­ac­tions to con­nect com­pa­nies and insurers
  • Han­dling billing issues such as unpaid claims and incor­rect bills
  • Nego­ti­at­ing with the car­ri­ers for their clients and mar­ket­ing work

The New Envi­ron­ment for the Broker

The con­sol­i­da­tion of the bro­ker­age mar­ket­place means that the broker’s role with­in the indus­try has changed sig­nif­i­cant­ly, even from just 10-to-15 years ago. Their new role encom­pass­es a range of ele­ments of the trade. Bro­kers are now con­sid­ered to be experts in var­i­ous areas of the insur­ance mar­ket­place. For exam­ple, to become an employ­ee ben­e­fits bro­ker in Napa Coun­ty, you must have a clear under­stand­ing of the following:

  • Com­pli­ance law
  • Insur­ance technology
  • Well­ness data and programs
  • Cost man­age­ment
  • Net­work­ing
  • Pub­lic speaking
  • Employ­ee engagement
  • Client reten­tion
  • Cus­tomer service

In many ways, the Napa ben­e­fits con­sul­tant of the past has become the busi­ness con­sul­tant. They’re there to help com­pa­nies move for­ward in meet­ing the needs of employ­ees while main­tain­ing a com­mit­ment to the lat­est reg­u­la­tions and their bud­getary require­ments. Our team here at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group has wit­nessed this change in the mar­ket­place as ben­e­fit bro­kers, and we’re now offer­ing an expert-led ser­vice to help you get a full return on invest­ment from your bro­ker. To learn more about our employ­ee ben­e­fits ser­vices, call today.