Ben­e­fits pack­ages may be nec­es­sary to attract the best and bright­est to your work­place, but they’re an expen­sive invest­ment for any busi­ness.  The plans them­selves can be a sig­nif­i­cant expen­di­ture, which is then com­pound­ed by the costs of over­sight and admin­is­tra­tion.  On top of that, there are numer­ous legal require­ments which must be met, and fail­ure to do so could mean extreme­ly cost­ly penalties.

This is exact­ly why employ­ee ben­e­fit ser­vices can also bring big ben­e­fits to your busi­ness.  With Arrow Ben­e­fits Group on your side help­ing you find the best poli­cies for your needs, imple­ment­ing those poli­cies, and over­see­ing the details, you can ulti­mate­ly save time and money.

Four Clear Gains from Con­tact­ing Employ­ee Ben­e­fit Services

1 — Receive a cus­tom-built ben­e­fits package

Ben­e­fit bro­kers have a dis­tinct advan­tage when it comes to cre­at­ing ben­e­fits pack­ages because they can usu­al­ly pick and choose fea­tures from across the entire ben­e­fits indus­try.  Rather than hav­ing to accept one-size-fits-all ben­e­fits pack­ages from sin­gle com­pa­nies, you can have one tai­lored to your exact needs.

2 — No longer wor­ry­ing about com­pli­ance issues

The legal tan­gles sur­round­ing insur­ance, HR, employ­ee data, and relat­ed top­ics are already extreme­ly com­pli­cat­ed, and only becom­ing more so over time.  Keep­ing up with reg­u­la­tions has become a full-time job.  A qual­i­ty employ­ee ben­e­fits admin­is­tra­tion ser­vice will be keep­ing up with such mat­ters as part of their own jobs, so you gain from their exper­tise with­out hav­ing to do the legwork.

3 — Effi­cient han­dling of employ­ee needs

HR depart­ments have enough on their plate already with­out hav­ing to deal with the details of claims report­ing, han­dling employ­ee com­plaints, and oth­er mat­ters that – real­is­ti­cal­ly — are clos­er in nature to “cus­tomer ser­vice.”  With off-site employ­ee ben­e­fits admin­is­tra­tion, your work­force will have a sin­gle point of con­tact ded­i­cat­ed to han­dling their issues.  They receive more effi­cient claims pro­cess­ing, and your HR team can focus on more imme­di­ate concerns.

4 — Attract a bet­ter cal­iber of worker

Most work­ers today are more con­cerned with the qual­i­ty of their ben­e­fits than their base pay.  Being able to adver­tise top-qual­i­ty ben­e­fits and ben­e­fits pro­cess­ing can be a major draw in hir­ing.  If your ben­e­fits pack­age stands out, so too will the qual­i­ty of your hir­ing applicants.

Arrow Ben­e­fits Group Sim­pli­fies Your Benefits

As one of North Amer­i­ca’s lead­ing employ­ee ben­e­fit ser­vices, we can stream­line every aspect of your ben­e­fits and pro­cess­ing.  Con­tact us to learn more.