The right Napa Coun­ty employ­ee ben­e­fits bro­ker can be an invalu­able part­ner —  sav­ing you mon­ey, pre­vent­ing legal prob­lems, and pro­vid­ing qual­i­ty ser­vice when han­dling your employ­ees’ claims.  How­ev­er, not all employ­ee ben­e­fit ser­vices are equal, and the wrong one could just as eas­i­ly cre­ate far more prob­lems than it solves.

If it’s time for your com­pa­ny to embrace off-site employ­ee ben­e­fits administration,

Five Ques­tions to Ask Before Choos­ing a Napa Coun­ty Employ­ee Ben­e­fits Broker

1 — What are your cer­ti­fi­ca­tions and licensing?

Always make sure a ben­e­fits bro­ker is ful­ly licensed with all state and indus­try reg­u­la­to­ry bod­ies and cer­ti­fied as com­pe­tent.  Don’t be afraid to fol­low up on those licens­es, either.  All rel­e­vant bod­ies will be hap­py to do a records lookup if you have any doubts about the valid­i­ty of their credentials.

2 — Have you received any dis­ci­pli­nary actions?

The occa­sion­al mishap does­n’t indi­cate a bad com­pa­ny — but a coverup cer­tain­ly does.  Take their answer and then ver­i­fy it with the state insur­ance com­mis­sion to see if they’re hon­est about their history.

3 — What ser­vices can you pro­vide us?

There are a huge range of employ­ee ben­e­fit con­sul­tants out there.  Some are pure­ly insur­ance bro­kers.  Oth­ers han­dle claims pro­cess­ing.  Some are able to effec­tive­ly take over all aspects of your ben­e­fits admin­is­tra­tion.  In most cas­es, the lat­ter will be your best option — they’ll offer the most cost-sav­ings while tak­ing the most bur­dens off your inter­nal HR team.

4 — Do you offer com­pli­ance advice and consulting?

The laws and reg­u­la­tions sur­round­ing employ­ee ben­e­fits — and relat­ed top­ics such as data han­dling — are extreme­ly com­plex, and only becom­ing more com­plex over time.  You want a Napa Coun­ty employ­ee ben­e­fits bro­ker who is deeply famil­iar with chang­ing reg­u­la­tions, and con­stant­ly keep­ing tabs on new reg­u­la­tions that are on the horizon.

It’s your own best chance of remain­ing in com­pli­ance, with­out spend­ing a lot of mon­ey hir­ing or train­ing experts in-house.

5 — Do you han­dle open enroll­ment communication?

Anoth­er area where a ben­e­fits con­sul­tant can poten­tial­ly help is in com­mu­ni­cat­ing with your work­force.  It’s dif­fi­cult for even well-edu­cat­ed work­ers to under­stand all their insur­ance ben­e­fit options.  The right part­ner can han­dle the out­reach and edu­ca­tion, so employ­ees will pick the best options available.

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