The right Napa County employee benefits broker can be an invaluable partner –  saving you money, preventing legal problems, and providing quality service when handling your employees’ claims.  However, not all employee benefit services are equal, and the wrong one could just as easily create far more problems than it solves.

If it’s time for your company to embrace off-site employee benefits administration,

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Napa County Employee Benefits Broker

1 – What are your certifications and licensing?

Always make sure a benefits broker is fully licensed with all state and industry regulatory bodies and certified as competent.  Don’t be afraid to follow up on those licenses, either.  All relevant bodies will be happy to do a records lookup if you have any doubts about the validity of their credentials.

2 – Have you received any disciplinary actions?

The occasional mishap doesn’t indicate a bad company – but a coverup certainly does.  Take their answer and then verify it with the state insurance commission to see if they’re honest about their history.

3 – What services can you provide us?

There are a huge range of employee benefit consultants out there.  Some are purely insurance brokers.  Others handle claims processing.  Some are able to effectively take over all aspects of your benefits administration.  In most cases, the latter will be your best option – they’ll offer the most cost-savings while taking the most burdens off your internal HR team.

4 – Do you offer compliance advice and consulting?

The laws and regulations surrounding employee benefits – and related topics such as data handling – are extremely complex, and only becoming more complex over time.  You want a Napa County employee benefits broker who is deeply familiar with changing regulations, and constantly keeping tabs on new regulations that are on the horizon.

It’s your own best chance of remaining in compliance, without spending a lot of money hiring or training experts in-house.

5 – Do you handle open enrollment communication?

Another area where a benefits consultant can potentially help is in communicating with your workforce.  It’s difficult for even well-educated workers to understand all their insurance benefit options.  The right partner can handle the outreach and education, so employees will pick the best options available.

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