Bal­anc­ing Act
— Inter­view with Arrow Ben­e­fits Group Part­ners & Indus­try lead­ers on Bal­anc­ing life/work by Judith Wilson

Andrew McNeil, prin­ci­pal at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group, a full-ser­vice employ­ee ben­e­fits firm in Petaluma, got a pic­ture of what hap­py, ful­filled employ­ees look like when he vis­it­ed Zap­pos, an online shoe and cloth­ing shop based in Las Vegas in 2016. As he walked around the cam­pus, he noticed that every­one got along well, and he learned that Zap­pos’ 1,500 employ­ees have to be a good cul­tur­al fit. The com­pa­ny is open about its cul­ture, pur­pose and mis­sion, and peo­ple don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly make a lot of mon­ey, but they stay, because they love what they do. “It’s about putting a smile on people’s faces,” he says.

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