The Tra­di­tion­al 9‑to‑5 Work­day is Finished—Now What?
by Andrew McNeil & Rosario Avila

The 9‑to‑5 workday—also com­mon­ly known as “the way we’ve always done it”—is how our work­force has behaved since Hen­ry Ford imple­ment­ed the pol­i­cy in the 1920s. But since the Indus­tri­al Rev­o­lu­tion, “work” has changed dramatically…the last 18 months brought the issue com­plete­ly into focus. A strong argu­ment can now be made that it sim­ply doesn’t make sense to con­tin­ue with a tra­di­tion­al 9 to 5 workday.

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