The aver­age U.S. life insur­ance pol­i­cy­hold­er is 74 per­cent under­in­sured. Are you among the under­in­sured? Advi­sors Andrew McNeil and Rosario Avi­la of Arrow Ben­e­fits Group launched Ben­e­fit­sTV in ear­ly Jan­u­ary to pro­vide this type of use­ful and easy-to-con­sume infor­ma­tion to view­ers about employ­ee ben­e­fits and oth­er insur­ance-relat­ed topics.

McNeil, a prin­ci­pal at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group, is the first to admit that insur­ance and employ­ee ben­e­fits are gen­er­al­ly not the most excit­ing top­ic. “The goal was to pro­vide short snip­pets of infor­ma­tion, and not to be self-serv­ing. We’re try­ing to pro­vide val­ue, and not look­ing to just sell insur­ance,” he says. But the com­pa­ny is work­ing to bring val­ue to the insur­ance ben­e­fits employ­ees car­ry through their employ­ers to max­i­mize benefits.

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