Sono­ma, Napa winer­ies cov­er employ­ee health costs at high lev­el, report finds 
by Cyn­thia Sweeney

When it comes to recruit­ing and retain­ing tal­ent, one thing employ­ers want to know is what their com­pe­ti­tion is offer­ing employ­ees by way of benefits.
A recent sur­vey of winer­ies in Sono­ma and Napa coun­ties reveals details about what kind of health ben­e­fits winer­ies are offer­ing their employees.
“It comes down to ‘what are oth­er peo­ple doing?’” said Andrew McNeil, prin­ci­pal at Arrow Ben­e­fits Group in Petaluma, which con­duct­ed the bench­mark report. “When we go out and meet with win­ery clients or prospec­tive clients, they want to know what oth­er winer­ies are doing. This report shows them where most peo­ple are and what they offer so they can com­pete for tal­ent in a tight labor mar­ket, to recruit and retain tal­ent. Then they can fig­ure out if they need to kick it up a notch.”

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