How your busi­ness can sur­vive, avoid Labor Depart­ment ben­e­fits-com­pli­ance audits
By ABG advi­sors Rosario Avi­la & Andrew McNeil, North Bay Busi­ness Jour­nal Columnists
“Com­pli­ance” and “audits” — two words that strike fear in most busi­ness leaders.
In addi­tion to the more well-known rules sur­round­ing finan­cial dis­clo­sures and human resources prac­tices, employ­ers have com­pli­ance require­ments relat­ed to their employ­ee ben­e­fits pro­grams as well. Being non-com­pli­ant can cost you sig­nif­i­cant pain finan­cial­ly and cause you and your team the major incon­ve­nience of spend­ing pre­cious time and resources to meet require­ments after-the-fact.

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