One area in which many com­pa­nies are falling behind is in the area of com­mu­ni­cat­ing with their staff about the var­i­ous ben­e­fits options avail­able to them. This is a lead­ing issue with­in the ben­e­fits indus­try, where com­pa­nies strug­gle to man­age their ben­e­fits resources and fail to work with staff in pro­vid­ing the best options in the mar­ket­place. In this lat­est post, we’ll explore how Sono­ma Coun­ty ben­e­fits con­sul­tants can help hone staff messaging.

Targeted messaging

One area in which ben­e­fits con­sul­tants can help dri­ve your Sono­ma Coun­ty com­pa­ny for­ward is by pro­vid­ing tar­get­ed mes­sag­ing to your staff mem­bers. For exam­ple, when a new pol­i­cy becomes avail­able, the com­pa­ny can send out tar­get­ed mes­sages to your man­age­ment staff inform­ing them of the new pol­i­cy and the val­ue it pro­vides. This helps moti­vate your most skilled pro­fes­sion­als and aligns them more close­ly with the com­pa­ny and its tar­gets mov­ing forward.

Resolving questions

Many staff mem­bers have a num­ber of ques­tions about the insur­ance options avail­able to them and the val­ue pro­vid­ed by these options. Work­ing with your Sono­ma Coun­ty ben­e­fits con­sul­tants, you can ensure these ques­tions are answered with pre­ci­sion and that your team achieves a full under­stand­ing of the poli­cies on offer through the com­pa­ny. This can help calm your work­force and keep your brand at its pro­duc­tive best.

Incentives for new hires

When a com­pa­ny is com­pet­ing with anoth­er firm for a tal­ent­ed pro­fes­sion­al, they need to be able to offer the best ben­e­fits pack­age to help engage the can­di­date. This is anoth­er area in which the ben­e­fits con­sul­tants can take full con­trol. They can help pro­mote the company’s mes­sag­ing on poli­cies via social media and via recruit­ment web­sites, ensur­ing that tal­ent­ed indi­vid­u­als across the indus­try see the val­ue of the company’s ben­e­fits pack­ages and con­sid­er the brand the next log­i­cal step in their career.

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