By Bill Olson
Chief Mar­ket­ing Offi­cer at Unit­ed Ben­e­fit Advisors

We recent­ly high­light­ed the top five best and worst states for group health plan costs. See below for your state’s aver­age month­ly pre­mi­ums and read our break­ing news release with the cost find­ings by indus­try.


To quick­ly bench­mark your plan by indus­try, region, or employ­er size, down­load our Quick Check Bench­mark­ing Tool.

UBA’s Health Plan Sur­vey ana­lyzes a wide range of health care costs trends. To com­pre­hen­sive­ly bench­mark your exact plan to your peers, con­tact a UBA Part­ner near you to run a cus­tom bench­mark­ing report.

For detailed find­ings from our Health Plan Sur­vey, view the Exec­u­tive Sum­ma­ry, or down­load our free high­lights.

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