A new Assem­bly bill passed 68–2 to encour­age the state to make changes to the Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia board.  Blam­ing the non-diverse board pop­u­la­tion con­sist­ing sole­ly of health care and insur­ance admin­is­tra­tors for some of the fail­ures of the first Cov­ered Cal­i­for­nia roll­out, there is now a call for more diver­si­ty, in the hopes that peo­ple from dif­fer­ent indus­tries and cul­tures will be more sen­si­tive to the needs of prospec­tive enrollees.  The ques­tion is whether the enroll­ment fail­ure was a lack of suf­fi­cient edu­ca­tion which would have been bet­ter han­dled by more cul­tur­al­ly sen­si­tive board mem­bers, or whether it was a mat­ter of too much, too soon, in too over­whelm­ing a con­text, with car­ri­ers, con­sumers and con­sul­tants sim­ply ill pre­pared to han­dle it all (and what makes any­one think they will han­dle it any bet­ter next time?)