Three Tips for Business Leaders Who are Considering Reopening Offices

By ThinkHR

How businesses navigate their employees and customers through this pandemic will shape their culture and brand for years to come. As business leaders consider reopening offices, it is essential not only to make the necessary modifications for health and safety but also to build trust with your employees. Here are three tips:

  1. Survey employees to understand their needs, concerns, suggestions, and goals in returning to an office environment.
  2. Be transparent about your priorities, criteria for reopening, and the modifications you are making to ensure employee health, safety, and success.
  3. Take a holistic approach to employee health and safety, considering not just an employee’s experience in the office, but also how they will get to/from the office and any risk factors in their home environment.

Ultimately, a decision about whether to reopen the office will need to be made by company leadership, where information is centralized. But employees are a critical part of the equation, not just at the receiving end of a company’s plan but as collaborators in its creation.

Originally posted on ThinkHR

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