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AB 908 – Signed into Law




California State Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits Increase for 2018


Effective January 1, 2018 in accordance with Assembly Bill 908, California’s State Disability benefits as well as its Paid Family Leave benefits have been increased from the current benefit of
55% to one of the following:


70%: For individuals who earned less than one-third of the state’s average quarterly wage during the prior four quarters.


60%: For individuals who earned one-third or more of the state’s average quarterly wage during the prior four quarters.


AB 908 will also eliminate the 7-day waiting period for Paid Family Leave claims.
Note: the 7-day waiting period for disability claims will remain in force.


These increases that are effective January 1, 2018 will expire on January 1, 2022.





Up In The Air

With a New Arrow Video


Soon after posting its CPR video in 2017, Arrow was contacted by American Airlines to see if Arrow could be highlighted on its business channel during flights in the months of December and
January. The airline requested a video spotlighting the unique relationship between Arrow and the communities that it serves. The video can be viewed below!


Benefits are all about community! Here’s why we care. 




Our own Rosario Avila

Published in North Bay Biz Magazine




Medical Insurance & Language Barriers

By Rosario Avila


Tengo Seguro medico, pero no se como usarlo! Or as we say in English– I have medical insurance, but don’t know how to use it.


The employee benefits world can be confusing, and providing information in an unfamiliar language only adds another obstacle, making it difficult to understand and use. With so many types of medical
plans and employer arrangements, it’s no wonder Hispanic employees would rather go to a local clinic or emergency room than use the medical benefits given to them by their employers.